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Neurofunk]. Neurofunk nadm. Nervous funk aka punkstep supposedly elite subgenre of drum-n-bass basic domination which houseabruzzo and sawtooth bass are sometimes unpleasant to hear sometimes so that your dubstep nervously smokes on the sidelines. Despite its Exclusivity objbase still meet in Russia on the label Tamrecords and zabugrom Noisia. Neurofunk invented robots to take revenge on the humans for what they defeated Neo in the Matrix. Galygin on the subject Debut Neurofunk was created in the years 19971999 representing the signs of techstep but it is a different angle broken drums replaced premassage two-step and a fat bass has become a substitute for melody. In General Neurofunk riveting from that horrible techno electro house jazz. The main component of the subject was precisely the sharpness of the sound. On the border is zero and ninetieth Neurofunk gave an even more gloomy sound but the speed was slower than it is now. And in zero with the development of the instrument and the skill of the producers style has already evolved into what we hear now. The first mentioned the word Neurofunk appeared already in 1997 in the December magazine The Wire. Its main distinguishing feature is actually housearena viloobrazno rhythm at this accelerated to a monthly average of 170 beats per minute both in General and around the DnB. Also developed and different direction the hallmark of which are the deep bass lines examples of tracks can be found on the Invisible label owned by Noisia. Neurofunk is perhaps the most suitable style chernozema. Burda involved in the darkest kinds of funk synth sounds well and the dnb rhythm. Unlike other genres of the ringtones is only transmitted these melodies by a non-trivial namely, the inextricable blending in a pair of the bass drum is represented in the form of an audio tandem. Perceived these things, neurocode exclusively on steep acoustic equipment and a large volume. Continuing the theme also vinrar performers of this genre can be called byelosussia artists such as Nosia, etc. about it below. With the arrival of a new generation of neuro-musicians of the shock undergone significant changes. This music squeezes the most out of your analog or digital equipment so as not to get lost in the crowd of shit standing out and noticeable constantly monitors the novelties in musical instruments to create a progressive sound already head and shoulders above the rest of the sound of tomorrow, the future new chips which have long nano. In fact this is the whole essence of the Central idea Neurofunk to be what you will be in a thousand years today. A direct relative of the genre is as already mentioned textep. However, Neurofunk, there are other relatives. One of the relative

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